Lemme Tell You Some Things about White Frat Boys …

Trigger Warning: Sexual assault, rape, rape culture, white “men.”

I went to a predominately white school in a predominately white town, so of course I had some run-ins with white frat boys.

When I saw this disturbing article about white frat boys who hung banners drenched in rape culture and patriarchal sexual entitlement during Welcome Week, old memories of rapacious, predatory behavior came to mind.

There was that one time when a white frat guy tried to “coax” me into his bed, while I tried to get my intoxicated friend home. There was the other time when a cowardly white frat guy I had a one-off with, made crude gestures while my back was turned to the amusement of his frat friends.

The white frat guys I’ve encountered weren’t just entitled assholes with small penises, insecurity issues, and weak strokes — they were misogynoristic pigs who disrespected women (Black women especially) to a such a bloodcurdling extent, that it’s terrifying to think that they are *currently* employed; working in some influential positions in both the public and private sectors, with auspicious futures within reach.

Racism + Patriarchy = Misogynoir 

Of course, not every single white frat boy I met fit the description of a entitled Black-women-hating pig. But enough of them did, to the point where I question just what is it about certain frats that attract these types of violent people.

I also question the white women — my fellow classmates — who condoned these white frat boys’ behavior; who were complicit in their patriarchy by way of silence or outright blessing, and who showed me that rape culture is sometimes facilitated by women.

But what scares me the most is how they are harm-doers by way of hilarity — they literally think their vicious harms are funny, and that pathologically motivates them to undertake such behaviors … to the detriment of Black women especially, and women in general.

Conquest further acts as an incentive for their rapacious behaviors. In warped medieval fashion, they believe the more women they have sex with and/or rape, will validate their manhood, and is evidence of their masculinity. And in an effort to one-up and outperform one another, women become survivors of their violence.

These are the thoughts that constantly creep into my Spirit whenever I hear more and more and more and more horrors of gender-based violence on college campuses and in high schools. If you’d like to share your experiences of sexual violence in college, or are looking for healing resources, please feel free to send me a private email.

photo 1Arielle Newton, Founder/Editor-in-Chief. Get at me @arielle_newton. Get at us @BlkMillennials.


4 responses to “Lemme Tell You Some Things about White Frat Boys …

  1. Thank you Arielle. Best article I’ve ever read on the topic.

    The backlash against the fight to end campus rape culture by white men is infuriating but not suprising. Their attempts to undermine the discussion with claims of rampant false rape allegations is little more the circling the wagons to protect their brothers and their privilege.

    Interestingly, for hundreds of years, when white women were levying false rape accusations against black men, their knee jerk response was to lynch first and ask qusetions later. Now that privileged white men are at the center of rape accusations (which unlike in the past are likely to be true), they are on the defensive and suddenly their pure and innocent white women for whom they would kill to protect their honor are now lying sluts and system needs to lock them up and throw away the key. The chickens always come home to roost don’t they?


  2. let me add:

    Yes women (paritcularly white women) condone the vile behavior of frat boys with their silence or worse with their enthusiastic participation. I read about a young woman who recieved an email from a male friend who was pledging saying that he needed pictures of her breasts with profantities scrawled across them to hang up in the frat house. She refused but sadly, we all know there were plenty of girls who happily snapped away and shared.

    I too am a black woman who spent most of my life living in and attending schools in privileged predominantly white ennviroments. What you share is just the tip of the iceberg.

    We have to remember that the foundation of fraternities are the entitled male children of privilege. From birth, they get the message that people outside their power structure– namely, women, minorities, the poor — are mere objects to be used, bought, exploited, and mocked. When they openly encourage rape, sexual assault and general degredation of women, record themselves performing racist chants, post pictures of themselves on social media in racist Halloween costumes, they’re not only trying to display their brash masculinty and boost their spot on the peer hierarchy, they are also preserving the status quo in the longstanding tradition of the elite circles they come from.

    Of course most young men who join frats today are not part of the 1%. Whether or not they come in sharing the same views, they quickly learn to adopt the same behaviors if they want to belong.


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