SNL Bends Over for Racist Egg Salad Sandwich Donald Trump

The living, breathing rancid mayo egg salad sandwich that is Donald Trump will host Saturday Night Live this week. The iconic show is known for its notable celebrity guests, and is often used as a platform for serious political contenders to appear relatable and humorous to the electorate.

Trump, the real estate mogul, media personality, xenophobic sexist GOP frontrunner is sure to be a ratings’ boon for a show that has seen a decline in viewership.

But outside the desperate attempt for clickbait publicity exists an urgent concern with giving the on-record racist a 90-minute national platform with which to gain political credo by making light of his harmful and dangerous rhetoric about Latinxs, women, and other oppressed groups. SNL is known for its self-deprecating sketches — of allowing the most controversial of public figures to poke fun at their own idiosyncrasies. But nothing about Donald Trumps’ neo-nativism is fun, cute, or befitting of a joke.

On the campaign trail, Trump has added an offensive onslaught of racist, xenophobic, misogynistic language to the political lexicon — his most vile remarks declared during his official presidential announcement when he called Mexican immigrants “rapists” and “criminals.” And defended it despite righteous disgust and outcry. Facts be damned for Mr. Trump, who is willfully and woefully ignorant to the nonexistent correlation between immigration and crime.

His lies hold meaning, and serve as a twisted inspiration for racists who are growing ever more restless in a nation that is challenging the white supremacist status quo with widespread and quantifiable success. He has earned the endorsement of former KKK leader David Duke. Trump’s supporters have beaten up Latinx-appearing homeless people, and have spit in their faces. We can only expect this violence to escalate should Trump continue his media parade.

SNL should be ashamed for inviting this virulent demagogue. Fortunately, committed anti-racist organizers are taking a stance against this blatant display of clickbait pimping. On Wednesday, over a dozen Hispanic organizations gathered to protest at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, where SNL is taped. They delivered a petition with over 450,000 signatures.

On Saturday, members of Ayotzinapa NY, Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) Coalition, and the NYS Youth Leadership Council are sponsoring a protest against Trump at the same location at 6pm.

In a press release Karina Garcia of the ANSWER Coalition said, “Although it is understandable to see Trump as just a clown, the dangerous racism he has unleashed throughout the country is no laughing matter.”

I’ll be there, and you’ll be there too. RSVP and learn more here.

Featured Image Credit:

photo 1Arielle Newton, Founder/Editor-in-Chief. Get at me @arielle_newton. Get at us @BlkMillennials.


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