It’s Only Been 24 Hours and White Liberals are already Showing They Asses

Well, white liberals been showing their asses since forever. These last 24 hours is simply a continuation of their unwillingness to recognize not everyone deserves civility and decency.

Despite the fact that thousands of people are taking to the streets to denounce Trump’s imminent presidency, there’s a cadre of white liberals who — as people (most of whom are Black, Latinx, Muslims and/or undocumented) mourn and grieve — are already calling for unity with the neo-facist regime.

What in the entire hell?

I’d hazard a guess these were the same white liberals that collectively donated over $12,000 to rebuild the firebombed GOP office in North Carolina.

This is the problem with the white liberal … they base their political values on their moral superiority. They are self righteous in their beliefs and are sanctimonious in their daily behavior and social outlook. They believe they are doing the most public good by appearing humble and thoughtful. By hearing all sides of the debate, even when some sides are actively and vigorously working to destroy the most vulnerable communities.

The white liberal walks away from these conversations with a gag-inducing air of believing they’ve engaged meaningfully, and that their worldview has been enriched by doing so.

The morally superior white liberal is a paternalistic mashup of fuckery. They shame and scoff at the most impacted and most vulnerable when we decide to shun those who are relentlessly killing us, unraveling our culture, and erasing our social contributions, among other violences.

The white liberal believes such actions to be counterproductive, while we — the most impacted — know without doubt that disengaging from those who cause us systemic harm is best for our survival.

The white liberals are showing they asses. They’ve already called for compassion for those who voted for Trump, and are asking us to understand their reasonings for doing so. They’re painting false caricatures of Trump voters as backwoods, non-educated hicks that are so desperate for financial steadiness, they’re willing to comply with the most volatile of -isms.

They’re upholding the outcome of this farcical election as an imprint of democracy; that the will of the people elected Trump. The white liberal fails to see that the will of white supremacist America is illegitimate and undeserving of the oppressed’s compassion or coddling.

The white liberal’s reliance on public decorum is actually their manifestation of protecting the white supremacist status quo. White supremacy relies on public politeness to thrive. That’s why well-heeled politicians and well-dressed corporatists present in the ways they do; to beguile the public into disbelieving the extent of their violence.

And white liberals are easily taken by this facade.

The white liberal is a weak-willed, spineless creature that hides behind “civility” to mask their cowardice. 

Don’t trust them.

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5 responses to “It’s Only Been 24 Hours and White Liberals are already Showing They Asses

  1. The problem with this is you’re generalizing. Not all white liberals are behaving in the way you condemn. I for one did not vote for Trump nor do I think we should support or accept him as President. I believe we should organize and continue to protest against all that is wrong in this country. I am a white liberal and every morning I wake up with my heart aching for all that is wrong with our world. I am respectful when I speak to people, but I will always speak up and disagree with people vehemently whenever they say anything about giving Trump a chance, etc. Generalizing further isolates people. When we all need unity. I feel as alone and heartbroken as a woman and human being in our society as any of the “others” Trump and his supporters have violated with their actions and ideologies.


    • Sally, if you’re response starts with some version of “not all white people” and centers the conversation on your indignity and defensiveness, you can stop right there. Love, a white person


    • If the author’s generalization of white liberals doesn’t apply to you then you have nothing to be upset about. The author is expressing their honest experiences that they have had with white liberals, obviously they haven’t met every single person who identifies that way. For me, sometimes narratives like this are hard to hear because they point out systems and structures (like white supremacy) that I benefit from and participate in (whether I want to or not) that I know are hurting other people. Who wants to feel like they are a part of the problem? It’s much easier to deny people’s experiences and push away that discomfort than it is to come to terms with the very challenging and scary work of facing our collective demons and dismantling those systems. It’s okay to be scared and uncomfortable- I know I am all the time- but our non-white friends and neighbors are scared of physical and legal violence right now. I try to remember that being uncomfortable is just a feeling, it’s not going to hurt me, and I don’t want to let it get in the way of being able to stand with them against the violence and hate.

      Sometimes hearing other people’s truths requires hearing yourself described in a less than positive light, maybe not how you would describe yourself. The world looks different from different perspectives, none are the complete picture. I am not defined by other people’s perspectives, but I can certainly learn things about myself from them. As a white person and as a man, I try to hear critiques of white people and men not as a personal attack, but as an opportunity to reflect, to be open to ways I can be better to my community and the people around me.

      If, as you say, you feel truly as heartbroken as the “other” communities and people who are waking up and deciding whether displaying their religious faith is worth the increased risk of physical violence, if you feel the anxiety of the people who are waking up with the fear that their family could be torn apart by deportation, if you wake up to a country that still acts as though black lives don’t matter and you feel that pain in your heart- then show up for the communities and people that experience these violences directly.

      Listen to what people from marginalized communities are saying and believe them when they share their experiences. What are marginalized people in your community organizing around? Are there requests for support? If someone has had 99 experiences with white liberals letting them down in the ways the author describes, is it fair for you to ask them to trust you at your word that you’re different? Show it by your actions, material support, your willingness to listen to ways you can support their struggle better. It’s not about how you appear it’s about what you do.

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  2. I’m white. I consider myself liberal, but I have never considered myself “spineless.” I am appalled that Trump will be our next President. I hold his supporters responsible for the dark days that surely lie ahead and I am not urging compassion towards them. Trump based his campaign on the support of those who are dismayed that we had our first black President, who has done an outstanding job. Trump supporters are racists who are throwing the same temper tantrum that Congress has been throwing for the past 8 years. And now, here comes Trump. Mostly, I am disillusioned. Disillusioned that this country is not the “land of opportunity,” nor is it inclusive of all people. The one thing I savor is that Trump supporters, by virtue of voting for him, think they are safe, but no one is safe from the works of this man. I am embarrassed and ashamed of my country right now and the actions that display its true motives.

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  3. This election has been a horrible wake up call to a lot of people who were hoping for positive change. I knew you as Arielle and am a huge fan of yours, I still think you define modern beauty! I hope that your powerful voice stays strong and you continue to speak truth!


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