My Radical Militant Ass Will Miss the Obamas

I’m sure I’m gonna lose my Ultra Woke Card for this admission. So be it. I have no shame in saying that I will miss the First Family.

Maybe because the next Administration will be ran by an orangey-mayo racist, his stiff culture-vulture headass wife, and their entitled silver spoon never-struggled-for-shit ass children. Maybe because the current president-elect is stacking his Cabinet with white nationalist fascists. Maybe because the Office of the Presidency is sure to be whitewashed in ineptitude, idiocy, and unexaggerated calamity.

Yes, for the Woke Ones, I know that President Obama at the best of times, ignored Black folk, and at the worst of times, disparaged us. His “Cousin Pookie” comment was anti-Black as fuck. Him saying that our refusal to vote would be an affront to his legacy was masterfully arrogant, tone deaf, and self-serving. Him calling us “thugs” was him pandering to white power.

I know that his public policy is mired in violent neoliberalism. That he’s deported the undocumented in unprecedented fashion, normalized the use of drones as an acceptable military practice, and has been complicit in continuing the War on Drugs.

I know.


But I also know that representation and visibility matters.

This isn’t an endorsement of his Presidency, nor is this praise for his political maneuvering. This is about how I feel when I see him and his family. The image they evoked was inspirational. They always seemed like they had it all together. That they were battle tested, but unscathed and unbothered.

I will miss the Obamas and their visualization of Black Excellence. The First Family set precedent in their grace. Scandal-free and full of love, the level of confidence, style, and swag they exude deserves nothing short of admiration.

I will miss President Obama and his ability to appear calm, cool, and collected as a racist opposition continuously undermined his authority. I will Michelle and her epic clap back. I will miss Sasha and Malia as they grow into their Black Girl Magic.

Barack and Michelle are the Jay Z and Bey of politics. They’re the highest of high. The best of the best. Miss me if you think otherwise.

Photo Cred:

inikoIniko. Founder, Editor in Chief. Get at us @BlkMillennials.



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