Black People: We Don’t Have to be Friends with Racists Who Hate Us

Tomi Lahran is a white supremacist online commentator. She is an evil racist person who hates Black people. She is a propagandist who funnels lies and deceit to her racist audience. She profits off of fear-mongering, anti-Blackness, Islamophobia, and nativism. She is an enemy.

And institutional liberals are normalizing her brand of white supremacy all in service to their bloated egos, multi-million dollar platforms, and twisted reliance on moral superiority.

Recently, she made waves when Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, invited her on his show to allegedly humiliate her. His goal was to humorously expose the glaring failures in her white supremacist worldview.

Despite the hype, Trevor Noah did nothing particularly avant-garde or noteworthy. He merely reinforced the pattern of witty and popular left-leaning television hosts who berate hardened, outlandish, racist conservatives to make a living.

Full disclosure, I didn’t watch the interview. Seeing Tomi get spanked by a cheeky liberal doesn’t do me any good. In fact, it makes my work harder.

When I committed myself to Black Liberation, I took a militant radical view.  To me, root causes explain the grotesque system that we live in, and modern indicators of social, political, and economic deterioration are a direct result of the infrastructures, laws, bureaucracies, and behaviors of the past.

Liberals are EXTREMELY complicit in this fucked up system because their theory of change is vapidly self-righteous. They believe in “discussion” and “discourse” with the most virulent of individuals. They believe that antagonistic value systems and opinions have no bearing on the person who expresses them; that we can “agree to disagree” with people who want us locked up and/or dead.

Fun fact: their theory of change has NEVER worked.

And what’s frustratingly annoying about the leftists who have visible platforms is that they are empowering the very same racists that they think they’re chin-checking. While liberals celebrate Noah’s supposed victory, Tomi Lahran’s name recognition is heightened. Liberal darlings, her viewership is sure to expand and her access to revenue is sure to increase all because in thirty minutes she lost an “argument” that her or her followers give a shit about.

Already, her visibility is on the rise. She’s buddies with Charlamagne Tha God now. And he’s already echoing the “agree to disagree” bullshit blahblahblah.

We won’t even talk about how Black men justify the violence of white women … 

Black people, we don’t have to be friends with, protect the egos of, or play nice with people who hate us — particularly white people. We do NOT have to pretend  that a white supremacist worldview is somehow beneficial to public debate. We do NOT have to educate or spend *any* of our precious intellectual labor on white people who want us dead. We do NOT have to convince anyone of our right to exist.

Despite liberal ethos, debating our right to exist is futile. Racists are beholden to their violent frameworks, regardless of how many facts or statistics you spit at them. They will not think better of you because you can invalidate their thinking. In fact, that just emboldens them … because now they’re resentful.

And hell, spending your time “discoursing” with them may even enable them to think that y’all formed some sort of bond. So when they say some racist shit to the next person, you’ll be the Black “friend” they think they have.

Exposing ourselves to this form of violence is emotionally and mentally taxing. Our energies are best spent organizing our people to resist white supremacy by any means necessary.

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inikoIniko. Get at me. Get at us.


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