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I’m Arielle, Founder/Editor-in-Chief and welcome to Black Millennials.

Black Millennials was started from a place of anger and fatigue. I was writing for online publications explicitly geared towards “millennials,” and yet, my words were presented and promoted in such a way that my existence and the nuanced politics that stem from it, were options and electives…not the default.

In these moments, I realized that whiteness was the default, and my Blackness was the “other” or the “option.” My existence was an alternative lifestyle within a system of white supremacy.

So this blog was born.

My Black millennial experience is a complicated one. And I know I’m not alone. With more resources and education, we are better equipped for the invisible layers of systemic racism, while enjoying the fruits of our cultural, intellectual, and emotional labor. We can love the classic art of hip hop while turnin up at the club. We can read and internalize the works of James Baldwin while we glimpse at an episode of Empire. Hell, we can analyze Empire like the Kings and Queens we are.

So my blog is for the Black millennial; the Black 20somethings who are not the “others” but the centerpiece in a complicated story about race, gender, sexuality, and pop culture.

Let’s keep in touch! Follow me on Twitter at @arielle_newton, and follow us @BlkMillennials.

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Black Millennials, Inc., is an organization devoted to the cultural empowerment of Black and Brown 20somethings. We are entirely funded through readers and supporters. Consider making a donation to help us continue our work.

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  2. Dear Black Millennial Musings, I nominated you for a Liebster Award!
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  4. Thanks for being here. And by “being here” I mean thanks for being activists and writers. And for being findable on WordPress, without which I wouldn’t have known of your existence.



  5. This is Allen Guillory from Houston Texas I like your blog I tried to reach out to you Ms. Newton (are you related to Huey?) by email. You are very smart and beautiful young chocolate woman. Please do not buy into that colorism bullshit created by white supremacy. Arielle you have scholarly writing skills and I was impressed by that Zipcar article because I see them here in Houston, Texas. I would like to be a professional friend because you are very knowledgeable about black issues for a young woman. I do ask you to be safe as there is much hatred for RADICAL BLKS who try to expose the system of white supremacy. I am a recent college graduate thinking about law school and your blog is very informative for black millennials like my party. I can be reached at guillorya4@yahoo.com.


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