Our Values

As the great urban philosopher Charlamagne tha God said, life is a balance between rachetness and righteousness.

Here at Black Millennials, we believe that our particular experiences as Black young adults involve a healthy, dope ass balance between “ratchetness” (the unabashed love of carefree fun necessary for continued Black spiritual and emotional survival) and “righteousness” (critical thinking and intentional action necessary to dismantle white supremacy and related systems of oppression).

We approach this work through these sets of principles:

Cultural Empowerment — the recognition that historical and sociological messages of expression are instrumental in Black traditional and contemporary narratives of resistance and liberation.

  • Cultural tools — such as storytelling, literature, writing, dance, art, theater, film, and music — are productive and durable conduits for Black expression; allowing us to creatively challenge white supremacy, uplift marginalized Black communities, and reframe narratives about Blackness
  • When Black and Brown folk are given agency over our cultural traditions, we are better connected emotionally, spiritually, and creatively to each other, our ancestors, and our work
  • Cultural Empowerment helps shape our pro-Black politic in ways that are engaging, innovative, diverse, and inclusive

Pro-Black Feminism — a thorough worldview that analytically confronts white supremacy as a parasitic system rooted in racial, gender, and sexual violence. 

  • We’re embodied in pro-Blackness, an unapologetic declaration against white supremacy
  • Intersectionality is our foundation because our Black experiences are uneven
  • We promote equity as a method to change power dynamics
  • We stand and work in firm solidarity with Black women and Black self-identified LGBTQ people whose oppression is faced in unique and particular ways
  • Colorblindness and post-racialism are beguiling tools of white supremacy in that Black narratives are erased and silenced without appearing so
  • We do not believe in or adhere to respectability politics, although we recognize the thought is rooted in a twisted sense of Black Love.

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